MexxCorp Enterprise

MexxCorp Enterprise

MexxCorp was established with the mission to serve customer and establishing long term partnership. We have 2 Marketing divisions established, to help customer to source for products which are crucial to their business, we provide the best service to you and we always believe making the difference from our competitors.

With our help and service to you to source and fulfil your needs, it takes you away from this tedious task thus giving you more time to manage the other importance matter related your business.

We have wide contact locally and overseas thus giving you prompt response on your requirement. We are continuously looking for new and reliable source for quality products to add on to our product portfolio.

Our service:

Electronics Components Marketing Division

Sourcing and purchase of electronics components for your following needs:
Fulfilling your production shortage
Replacement part (Production cost cutting), especially for commodity products. We have distributorship / rep with manufacturer (China / Korea)
Prototype build / design
Helps you to sell your slow moving or excess inventories
Send excess / offer part list for bidding
Stock program (SIP-stock In Place) for your regular production needs on regular parts, thus relieving warehousing space (Future Plan)
Programming services (Future Plan)

Product lines (Distributorship / Rep)

· Switches

· Interconnect Products

· Rectifier & Diode

· SMD Inductors

· Intermediate Frequency Transformer

· Inductance Coils

· Multilayer Polymer Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

· SRAM">">">">">">">">">">